Everywhere Atelier International Study group – Reggio Emilia tour 2024

This is the first ever Study Group dedicated to an immersive atelier experience, through a rich variety of workshops, visits, dialogues and encounters in Reggio Emilia (Italy) and other neighbouring territories.

The idea is to experience first hand the creative process through many materials, different ateliers, meetings and dialogues with atelieristas, artists, pedagogistas and other professionals connected to the art and educational fields.

Registration is open to educators, teachers, artists, art therapists, atelieristas and anyone interested in the creative process with materials, from all over the world. The cultural diversity of the international group will be an important element of growth, sharing and learning together. Meanwhile, each participant will be supported in their personal, individual process, to discover their uniqueness and talents.

Both the individual and group journey will be carefully supported by the atelierista/art therapist Roberta Pucci and the pedagogista Laura Malavasi, for interweaving the expressive languages with education, childhood and personal growth.


Meaningful creative processes can happen everywhere: it’s not about where (so you do not necessarily need an art studio), but about the quality of our relationship and interaction with materials, objects, places – and people, of course. It can be a garden, a kitchen, a library, a bench in a square, a table in a coffee shop… Of course we will visit “real” ateliers, atelieristas and artists, but we will also explore how to create meaningful, creative relationships with common places and materials we meet everyday.

Each day will be dedicated to a different place, encountering one or more different materials and professionals.

Here are some EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGES we will explore:

  • Paper
  • Clay
  • Natural materials
  • Objects and loose parts
  • Picture books
  • Paint and colors
  • Cyanotype
  • Shadow or puppets theatre
  • Wood
  • Music

Other information:


Reggio Emilia and neighbouring territories (leaving from Reggio Emilia to reach every destination)


3-8 June 2024




English (consecutive translation to and from Italian by Roberta Pucci)

Sales will begin on December 2023, for only 20 slots available. Don’t miss this chance!


Euro 1120

The cost includes:

  • Six full days planned experiences, including workshops, meetings, visits to atelier and dialoguing sessions with professionals, atelieristas, pedagogistas, artists
  • Three group lunches and one group dinner
  • Transfert to the different locations in Reggio Emilia and other Region’s territories from Reggio Emilia
  • Art materials
  • Tour journal
  • Constant support and guide by Roberta Pucci and Laura Malavasi, always present during the Study Tour
  • The pre-recorded Grammar of Matter Course by Robertapuccilab
  • Some pedagogical and art documentation


Atelierista, art therapist, creative personal trainer, author, passionate of paper and natural materials. Before moving back to her hometown, she lived in Reggio Emilia for 15 years, working as an atelierista in a preschool and at the Loris Malaguzzi Center.


Pedagogista, educational trainer and consultant for public and private organizations, author of numerous publications and articles on specialized magazines. She continues to learn every day through the careful observation of childhood.

Laura and I can’t wait to start this journey together. Will you join this amazing international group?

Please don’t hesitate to ask for any question 🙂


Q & A

Is any previous art experience required?

All you need is a real interest and curiosity on art and the creative process with materials.

Is this a Reggio Approach study group?

We will meet different perspectives on creativity, ateliers and materials for opening a rich panorama of possibilities, which of course will include the Reggio approach, as it is the natural background where most of the experiences we will live are rooted. However, Reggio Children is the official educational institution in charge of the Reggio Approach training, so if you are interested in a Reggio Approach study group, you will find many interesting proposals in the Reggio Children website.

Will we also visit some educational context, like a preschool?

Yes, we will visit the ateliers of two preschools, so we will have the opportunity to visit the preschools as well, then we will have lunch there together with the atelierista and part of the school staff.

Moreover, as a highly experienced pedagogista, Laura will support the group to open educational perspectives, by connecting the atelier experiences to childhood and learning processes.

Does anyone else offer a similar study group?

Absolutely not! This is the only Everywhere Atelier Study-Group Tour in Italy. Also, many of the atelieristas, artists and educational services we will visit are friends and collegues of us – Roberta and Laura: so each experience will be a very special opportunity for an authentic encounter, within an organic project of the whole journey.