Welcome to RobertapucciLab! Here everyone can express their potential through the creative process. There’s no need to be an artist or an expert: the creative process belongs to our nature as human beings, so anyone can greatly benefit by using materials with their hands.

Let me introduce you some free resources. If you are interested in the world of materials, you can explore The Grammar of Matter and investigate materials transformations. In the Tools storage there are some more structured ideas and workshops. While if you prefer joining me for a creative walk, please choose one of these Maps through education and design, aesthetics and learning.

Would you like to deepen some topics or begin a creative journey together? I offer courses, workshops and consulting for personal growth and professional learning, interweaving the Reggio approach, art therapy and design thinking. Feel free to contact me for any question or feedback. There follows a selection of my posts… Take your time and enjoy your visit!