Following your Star




Following your star is an individual, art therapy path through which searching for your uniqueness, your talents and how they can be expressed.

I will be glad to accompany you in a personalized creative journey, attuning to your needs and pace.

The journey includes:

  • 3 indivdual one-hour sessions
  • a downloadable and printable guide with many suggestions and three creative proposals
  • constant support via email


You will be provided many suggestions and creative activities, that will make emerged some of your unique qualities, interests, chracteristics and spontaneus preferences. We will collect and connect these clues for gradually discovering the “drawing” of your natural talents and also how this unique potential can be expressed in your work and daily life.

Your creative activities will alternate with the online meetings and a dialogue by email, for questioning and investigating your journey together.
I will help you to find the best activities for your path, to “see” you from an external point of view and to find the common threads that connect the emerged clues, without judgement or reductive interpretations.


No specific skills are needed, only some easily available materials and a time dedicated to yourself.

Just one tip: this proposal is not for you if you are looking for for a magic formula or someone who can find the answers in your place. But it is right up your alley if you want to:

  • explore yourself and how to express your talents
  • make everyday life more lively and creative
  • give you a gift to honor what you are


Looking forward to start this journey together!


Each person bears a uniqueness that asks to be lived  –  James Hillman




Can this proposal enrich my personal growth even if I already know what my talents are and how I can express them? (For example as a teacher, a therapist, a cooker, etc.)

Definitively! There are milions of teachers but as many ways to teach as there are people. So, what is yours and how your unique potential affects it?

You are welcome to have a look at the post “Searching for yourself through matter” where I describe my personal experience.


How are the session planned and agreed?

You will receive an e-mail within two days after the pursuit, containing a first welcome, some initial suggestions and some dates-times you can choose for our first meeting. I will also ask you to answer to some questions, to get to know you. Then, we will schedule the other sessions according to your needs and pace. The following email dialogue will include images of your art works.


How long does the journey take?

It is a personal journey, so it depends on you… I usually suggest to meet every two weeks, but it is just a general suggestion we can adapt to your needs. According to my experience, three sessions are the minimum necessary for creating a meaningful process and relationship. After that, you can decide to go on with other periodic sessions, as long as you want (generally, the journey has got its own conclusion that will naturally unfold).


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