Following your Star


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I will be glad to accompany you in this individual journey of personal growth, being attuned to your needs and pace. We will search together for your uniqueness, your talents and how they can be expressed through the creative process, using simple materials.

The Following your Star Journey includes:

  • 3 individual one-hour sessions
  • a downloadable and printable guide
  • constant support via email

I will suggest you some activities with materials, so our online meetings will alternate with creative explorations on your own. Then we will try to bring out some specific qualities, interests, chracteristics and spontaneus preferences from your works and processes. We will collect and connect these clues for gradually discovering some common threads and intertwining the “drawing” of your natural talents. We will also try to see how this unique potential can be actually expressed in your life.



Are you wondering if this journey is right for you? The answer is yes if you would like to:

  • explore yourself and how to express your talents
  • make everyday life more lively and creative
  • give yourself a gift to honor what you are


Each person bears a uniqueness that asks to be lived

James Hillman



Any specific skills needed?

Not at all! You  only heed some easily available materials and a time dedicated to yourself.

How are the session planned?

You will receive an e-mail within a few days after the pursuit, so that we can arrange a date of the first meeting. Then, we will schedule the following sessions ftom time to time, according to your needs and pace.

How long does the journey take?

It depends on your pace, as it is a very personal journey. Generally, I suggest to meet every two weeks, but we can adapt the pace to your needs. According to my experience, three sessions are the minimum necessary for creating a meaningful process and relationship. After that, you can eventually choose to continue with other sessions from time to time.







There is an imperceptible, unexpected thread that, meeting after meeting, leads you towards your star. I thank Roberta for her sensitivity and the ability to accompany on this journey.

Luisa Fumagalli, atelierista and art therapist


After this journey, I often stop to listen to myself. I was able to “legitimize” my deepest feelings, transforming them into my daily life; to bring my intuitions to a more practical level, using creativity to express them. This has made me feel more confident in following my intuitions and to be not ashamed to share them with others, even at the risk of not being understood or supported.
It was an important time, a slow and listening time.

Anna Agosti, preschool teacher


The encounter with Roberta was magical. She was able to read into my soul. With her sweetness and words, which go straight to the “core,” she restored my confidence in my abilities. I finally managed to achieve what I had desired for a very long time – maybe ever – but I kept postponing: a space of my own, where I can feel safe and legitimize my time and creativity. I still want to continue this journey with Roberta a little longer, because I feel her guidance will lead me home.

Anna Maria Scalese, retired nurse