Thinking hands

By Nona Orbach

A phenomenological observation in search of the blueprint.  

Looking at a short video a few times can help us notice more and more details about the creator. We can try to write down actions and verbs: what are they doing?

2.6 toddler is holding a pencil sharpener in his left hand. A plastic container with pencil leftovers is on the table between his body and the notebook. I suggested putting the sharpener and container aside so he’s more comfortable drawing.

He did not want to.

I immediately learned my lesson! He needed to hold the sharpener because it was as important to him as the pencil! For adults, a sharpener is a temporary tool alongside drawing – for him, it is as important as the pencil. We will soon learn why. 

In the video, we join him in the middle of a scribble.

What do we see?

Here is a simple list of actions accumulated while watching the video a few times.

The right hand thinks – works slowly, drawing a shape within a shape.

He tries to close a form with light pressure.

He fills the space he created.

He makes another sign next to it.

He fills the gap between them with more intensity with the crayon.

He enlarges the space he colours.

The notebook slides.

Thus, now he needs the help of his left hand to stabilise it.

He is pulling his right hand away and probably observing.

What do you see? Did I miss something?

How is this connected to his blueprint? 

If you read this post, you will notice how interested he is in HOW THINGS WORK and how the world is made. He loves tools! Thus, learning to use the large red sharpener made him joyful – this is probably the reason why he had to hold it. 

More about the Spiritual Blueprint

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