Having a walk at a cat’s pace

This is a story that really happened in a tiny, old Italian village, Cartoceto. I hope that cat and children lovers will get some inspiration from it. It all started with a walk with my friend Michele Ferri, good artist and illustrator. After a few steps, a pair of mustaches and two light eyes appeared out of nowhere. Then many others appeared, one after one, inside a vase, on the windowsills, in the middle of a street, on doormats. Okay guys, you can go through our kingdom for this time, but without disturbing please.

The Italian village Cartoceto

At the end of the walk, during a coffee-break, a bizarre feline idea was born. After about one year, that idea became real for a day, when the village turned into a surprise journey full of plays, games, music, exhibitions, events… Obviously all cat-inspired.

cat-event village map

Rare feline specimens looked out of the windows. One of them, an aristocratic lady-cat with lace gloves, used to open the shutters as she heard a good song. So the courtyard under the window was full of musical instruments, and a music master improvised some serenades with occasional passers-by.

Various cats at the windows

The Meows Parc was guarded by ten Swinging Cats. These wary guardians oscillated in all directions without ever falling, but trying to get in the way of everyone who passed by.

The game of swinging cats

At some point during the walk, one inevitably came across Mr. Hurry’s house. After the bell ring, here he is hastily looking out from his terrace to tell very short stories of ancient and legendary cats.

An actor telling stories from a terrace

Heads of all colors, striped, checkered or polka-dot legs, furry bellies, zig zag mustache… The Transformist Cube-cats could be broken down and reassembled endlessly.

the game of transformable cat cubes

While wearing mouse ears, children went through the cheese-tunnel, making sure that “cat-children” didn’t steal their tails through the holes.

Cheese cardboard tunnel

Involving local shopkeepers and artisans, all the stands of the feline market were strictly themed: books, biscuits, t-shirts, ceramics, puppets.

cat shaped biscuits
cat puppets

Finally, the notorious Red Grinning Cat suddenly appeared during the night, just as the band was playing the march “At a Cat’s Pace”. Don’t panic: the Mad Tamer was fortunately around. He was the only one that could successfully try to domesticate a Red Grinning specimen, for his great experience of imaginary animals.

The imaginary Red Grinning Cat

Every good project is carried out by a good team of people. So many thanks to all the people who made it possible:

  • Michele Ferri, co-author of the project, from the first inspiring walk to every final detail
  • My father Aldo Pucci, for his indispensable technical support
  • Olga Valeri for believing in this crazy idea
  • Mario Mariani for the original musical piece “At a Cat’s Pace” and the band of Cartoceto for having masterfully performed it
  • The Caffè Massimo for the delicious MadCat biscuits
  • All friends, villagers, actors and artists who made their great contribution for free
  • All the cats of the village, who were watching us from hiding places.

Ok, go ahead, today you can stay in our kingdom… But tomorrow everything comes back how it was before.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

cat paintings on a palace wall
Art installation by Monica Monachesi e Giuseppe Braghiroli