The Grammar of Matter




This course is a creative journey for exploring the transformative potential of materials, and building meaningful interactions with the physical world around us. There’s no need to be an artist: the creative process belongs to our nature as human beings!

1- You will learn to:

  • discover the “grammar” and the full potential of each material, looking at everything with new eyes
  • transform a material according to its identity
  • hands-on experience your own creative process and reflect on it
  • make more intentional choices when offering materials to others





The course includes the following pre-recorded and downloadable content –  lifetime access:

PART 1- What is the grammar of matter?

An overall description of the main concepts of the Grammar of Matter: what is it?  How transforming a material according to its natural identity for originating a meaningful creative process?
Duration of the video: 40 minutes


PART 2- Exploring, playing, experiencing

An invitation to play and explore materials through some hands-on experiences.
Duration: 11 minutes (video) + 2 hours (minimum suggested time for personal reflection)


PART 3– Reflections, questions, relaunches

A guide to reflect on your hands-on explorations and processed concepts through questions and provocations.
Duration: 11 minutes (video) + 2 hours (minimum suggested time for personal reflection)




Plus… You will be provided these additional, downloadable materials in PDF format:

  • The bibliography, photo credits and sitography of the artists, educators and authors who have contributed to the videos
  • A list of the hands-on explorations
  • A short guide with the main questions for supporting your personal reflection
  • The transcripts of the videos


Individual purchase
Once the purchase is completed, you can lifetime access the course content from the “Courses” menu of Robertapuccilab Home page – after logged in.


Group purchasing
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More about me

I am an atelierista and art therapist from Italy.

From the early 2000s, I has held workshops and courses about the creative use of artistic, natural and recycled materials, especially for educators and teachers, collaborating with social cooperatives. Then I have spent seven years working as atelierista in a Reggio inspired preschool, in addition to one year at the Loris Malaguzzi Center of Reggio Emilia, with study groups from all over the world. I am currently working as an art and educational consultant, for personal or professional growth.

My approach is nurtured by three main areas of my studying and professional background: the Reggio approach, Art Therapy and the design thinking of Bruno Munari. Interweaving these multifaceted knowledges, I design courses, workshops, books and creative tools to help each person or group expressing their unique potential, that naturally leads to a more active and authentic relationship with the environment and with others.