I will be glad to put at your service my twenty-year knowledge and experience in the Reggio approach and Art Therapy, by offering personalized consulting for individuals or teams, according to your specific needs and wishes.

I believe that theory should turn into practice and viceversa. Thus, discussions and dialogues will alternate with concrete examples and first-hand experiences.

If you are a teacher, a parent or just interested in education and creativity,

here are some topics we could explore together:

  • The grammar of matter: transformations and creative processes with materials
  • Setting up an atelier: the role of the environment and the atelierista
  • Designing a creative workshop
  • Observation, documentation and discussion about a specific child, classroom or group
  • Other topics you are interested in, concerning creative activities and materials

If you…

  • would like to improve your creativity in everyday life
  • are curious to approach art materials for the first time or in a new way
  • would like to express your unique, still unknown potential or something that can not be told by words
  • sense nothing is bad but everything is without joy…

…maybe art therapy can help you.

Every consulting is unique as we are, and begins with a first chat to know each other, without obligation, so that I can better figure out how to help you and what journey we could walk together.

Lastly, if you have joined the newsletter, you are also welcome to book a free 30 minutes talk that I offer to the new subscribers.

For every question or request, please feel free to contact me using the form below or writing to roberta@robertapuccilab.com.

Let’s help each other and connect through our best!

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Exciting news coming soon! Do not miss them! Subscribe now